Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Randolphs

I would like to introduce everyone to my newest friends: Jared and Rachel Randolph. Actually, I do not even know the Randolphs. I've never met them. They do not know me either. In fact, before today we had never even heard of each other.

Once more, I decided to experiment a little with my blog. You can tell by my last post that I've been a little more serious the past couple days and trying to regain my focus on things that are truly important. With that said, I decided that I wanted to devote a blog post to someone else. Maybe someone in need. Maybe someone going through a trial. Maybe someone that simply just needed prayer or positive energy sent their way. I decided my course of action. I would simply go to the "next blog" tab at the top of my blog page and click. That simple. I literally prayed that I would be directed to a blog where I could possibly be an encouragement to the author.

The blog that appeared was Jared and Rachel Randolph's. Again, I know nothing about them. From what little I've read, they have been married a short amount of time. He coaches football and baseball as well as teaching at their local high school. She works in sale/marketing. They are Christians and their faith is obviously very important to them. One of their posts, in particular, really stuck out to me. They have apparently lost some friends tragically at a young age. Having some of those same experiences, myself, I know how difficult it can be to face the holidays and not be able to share these times with loved ones that have left us too early. I have no idea if this is the reason I landed on their page. Maybe they need prayer or encouragement for something else. It's really none of my business.

I wrote the Randolphs and I simply made them one promise. Because I was led to their page, I would pray for them and send my thoughts. And now I'm asking you to do the same. Even if you just take 20 seconds right now, stop what you're doing and remember Jared and Rachel Randolph. Pray for them, think about them, send them positive energy, do whatever feels comfortable to you. Let's face it, there are times when we all need something, even if it's just encouragement from a stranger. Today, I'm asking you to join me in sending that encouragement Jared and Rachel's way.